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Project Description

Effective 05-Sept-2011, this repository is the new home for VMMaker (previously at http://squeaksource.com/VMMaker.html)

This package incorporates the Smalltalk source code (Slang) for the virtual machine, as well as the code generator and toolset for creating the VM portions not handwritten in C (or whatever).

The platform support code for the current family of OpenSmalltalk Cog/Spur VMs is maintained on GitHub in the opensmalltalk-vm repository. This corresponds to VMMaker.oscog and related packages here.

The platform support code for the traditional interpreter VM, corresponding to VMMaker (no ".oscog" suffix) in this repository, is maintained in Subversion at squeakvm.org).

License for VMMaker is MIT with portions covered by Apache License Version 2.0. All new contributions to this project are licensed MIT, with some original content licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 as described in the Squeak license statement. This licensing derives from the Squeak project (squeak.org) from which VMMaker originates.


Creator:Bert Freudenberg
Admin:Eliot Miranda, David T. Lewis
Developer:David Ungar, Sophie Kaleba, Esteban Lorenzano, Timothy M, tim Rowledge, Bert Freudenberg, Eliot Miranda, Nicolas Cellier, Alistair Grant, Mariano Martinez Peck, Douglas McPherson, VincentBlondeau, Guillermo Polito, Dmitry Golubovsky, Lars Wassermann, Levente Uzonyi, Torsten Bergmann, Laura Perez Cerrato, ClementBera, John M McIntosh, Tim Felgentreff, Tobias Pape, Ken Treis, Igor Stasenko, Ronie Salgado Faila, Ryan Macnak, David T. Lewis, Joshua Gargus, Andreas Raab, Craig Latta


Code commited to this repository will be automatically under MIT license.


location: 'http://source.squeak.org/VMMaker'
user: ''
password: ''


Android-Base, Balloon-Engine-Pools, BytecodeSets, CMakeVMMaker, CMakeVMMakerSqueak, Cog, CogAttic, CogBenchmarks, CogCompatibility, CogTools, CogTools-Listener, ImageFormat, MemoryAccess, SlangBrowser, VMM-touch-temp, VMMaker, VMMaker-oscog, VMMakerCompatibilityForPharo6, VMMakerExtras, VMMakerJS





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