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Welcome to the Squeak Trunk repository! You might want to read more information about Squeak's Community Development Model.

When having this repository configured as the "Update URL" in Squeak's preferences, the update loads a series of Monticello configuration maps (short: mcm) named "update-xy.123.mcm". These are needed for "complicated" restructuring where a specific package version needs to be loaded before another can be installed. Typically you only need to provide extra maps for the intermediate steps. After the last explicit configuration is loaded, the updater proceeds to load the latest version of all packages it can find.

To create a new mcm, open the previous configuration by browsing the update map -- usually named "update" -- through the Monticello repository browser. Then update it (click Update / from image). Store into this repo, and make sure it has an appropriate name (this is not automatic).

We use a continuous integration (CI) build infrastructure for Squeak's bundles, which you can download at https://files.squeak.org/, followed by the version tag you are looking for. All bundles are updated on a regular basis, which is daily for Trunk (i.e. the current alpha version) and monthly for release versions. (Note that there won't be new bundles if Squeak's build number, which reflects in-image code updates, did not change between CI jobs.)


Creator:Ken Causey
Admin:Eliot Miranda, Squeak Oversight Board
Developer:Core Developers


Code commited to this repository will be automatically under MIT license.


location: 'http://source.squeak.org/trunk'
user: ''
password: ''


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